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Enhancing your eye lashes goes a long way, I am a mascara person and I believe you are too. I also believe our current mascara situation is not doing everything it can and should for our eyelashes. So through research and studying I have been able to come up with four important mascara tips on maintenance, applying and buying;


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Tip 1: Always Buy An Extra Tube of Mascara

In this case the extra tube is not for back up, you would have to use it at the same time because you would be buying two different products with different wand sizes, one big and the other small. So during application start with the small wand and finish off with the big wand

Tip 2: Always Have a Back-up Plan

Its not every day you wake up feeling like you have all the time in the world, there are days when you’ve over snoozed and rolled out of bed in a rush. There would be not time to work in to extras all you need is a mascara with a great volumizer that would do the trick.

Tip 3: Always Buy The Products That Contain Vitamin

If you are lash girl like me then you know rubbing and removing the mascara can weaken the lashes sometimes. So the best idea would be to buy the new products that contains useful vitamins like collagen and biotin to help grow out, maintain and fortify your lashes.

Tip 4: Always Get New Pairs After 3 Months

Your mascara shouldn’t last through to the season finale of game of thrones, make sure you switch it up after three months because that’s when it starts to get dry. Note, don’t pump the wand into the bottle because it lets air in therefore causing it to dry out faster.

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