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Africans that are blessed with long natural hair have it in abundance and only have to maintain it without undergoing much stress. Similarly, those whose hair breaks and have stunted growth are on the high side, hence, the need to search for hair care products that will stimulate the growth of the hair.


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Experiencing stunted hair growth can be very frustrating because you might have to stick to protective hairstyles or just stick to some certain hairstyles so as to cover up. I have seen people who experience stunted hair growth and what they go through, some of them cannot leave their hair untended to as they remove a certain hairstyle they have to make another immediately.

Herbal hair care works for hair growth, you just have to find the one that works for you. Remember, there is this saying that before you can start noticing a change in something, you must have started a routine constantly for about 4 weeks. Don’t be among those that will use a product for just few days and conclude that it is not effective.

One surprising thing about stunted hair is once you get a breakthrough, you won’t even know how you did it. Just like mine did, it just came out of nowhere. I must admit that it can be pretty frustrating and you might even feel like scrapping your hair off, but with the right product you can bring your hair to life.

I will personally advise, do not use different products at the same time, so that you can know which one is working. Herbal hair care products are effective when you find the right one.

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