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Remember the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” well that’s just trying to say when you are clean you are pure and then there are so many diseases and infections you can prevent; this goes without saying that no matter how messy making up can be we need to be clean about it and that means cleaning our tools. There are different approach to keeping our makeup brushes clean , there’s the lazy approach which we are (me included) guilty of, and there’s the exact way.

Makeup brushes need to be clean for several reasons and there are some products that are specifically made for this but a regular non-harsh soap would do just fine. Follow this steps when next you want to give your makeup brushes a clean sweep:

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes

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  • Get a mild soap and pour the right amount in a bow.
  • Add luke warm and create a lather
  •  Swirl your brush (one at a time) with the tip facing downward into the soap (try not to get water into the metal head, it loosens the glue thereby loosening the bristles and individual hairs).
  • Let clean lukewarm water run down the hairs or if its in a bowl let hold it by the  end and swirl.
  • Lie each brush flat to let them dry out after which you can put them back in the purse or cup.

Now get those makeup brushes out and clean them the right way.

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