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The matte manicure first reared its head in 2010 and since died down, but they are coming back into the scene with different patterns, shapes and decoration to prove that the matte manicure doesn’t have to be a simple flat finish. I love the matte manicure in solid colors like wine, grey and black, they are edgy, bold and sophisticated, but don’t be fooled other colors are just as amazing.

The Matte manicure is designed to give off another look, there are several matte top coat from nail polish brands like OPI, Sally Hansen but you can also create a matte finish by making your own top coat here is how;

Matte French

Matte French

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You can either make your matte top coat in small batches or in an entire bottle by either using cornstarch, eye shadow or baking powder. The things you’ll need include:

  • Eye shadow or cornstarch or baking powder
  • Clear nail polish
  • Small makeup brush
  • Sifter (for the cornstarch)
  • A really Small dish or cup or bottled cap.
  • Tooth pick (for the Eye shadow)
  • Nail polish


  • For the entire bottle, add pinches of eye shadow, cornstarch (sieve first) or baking powder mix properly until you have your desired mattified feel. Add directly into the nail polish, this means the entire nail polish becomes a matte top-coat (permanently). But if you have doubts and you are not sure then make them in…
  • Make the matte top coat in small batches if you are not sure you would like the matte look or if you are not completely sure you want to use a full bottle of nail polish, simply add baking powder, eye shadow or cornstarch gradually into a bottle cap of clear nail polish or nail polish allow it build up because adding a lumpsum would make it clumpy, wipe off the brush you used in mixing it and then add the coat onto your nails and viola you have the matte manicure.


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