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This is such a good way to class up your blue jeans by adding faux pearls. If you want to be casual, but not too casual this is perfect. This DIY pearl embellished jeans is so easy and will make you look elegant even though you will be comfy in your blue jeans.

Scroll down to see the simple way to get the perfect pearl embellished jeans…


Hello World

Here are what you’ll need…

  • A pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Beads



Lay your jeans out flat and mark out where you would like to place your beads. You could measure just a little bit to keep some equal spacing. Ensure you don’t put any beads in the back since that would likely end up being a really uncomfortable fashion moment.


Thread the needle with thread, make sure the needle is thin enough to go through the drilled pearls first. Thread a pearl onto the needle.


Pull the needle and thread through and then back into the denim, right next to the first hole.


Bring the needle back through the denim, through the pearl, and back through that second hole. Do this two more times. When the needle comes out of the denim the fourth time, wrap the thread three times around the base of the pearl. This will help secure the pearl to the denim. Bring the needle back into the denim. Tie into a double knot and trim.


Repeat until the entire front side of the jeans are covered in pearls! To wash, turn the jeans inside out and was on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.


With these simple steps, you’ve got yourself a more statement and glam casual jeans to style on.

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