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Generally tying your head is an ‘African’ thing however every generation has their own way of making a statement with the headgear’s. In nigeria the Gele is our most famous head wrap of all, so famous that other cultures have immersed it with their own (the gele is originally from the western part of nigeria). Tying the gele is more about our culture than it is about fashion, this is not to say that it is not influenced by the change in fashion trends.

Typically when tying a headgear (head wrap if you will) one of the major key is to make sure that it is tied firmly to the head if not it would ruin your entire look or fall off when it shouldn’t therefore when you are tying it you should be aware of the way you shift the head wraps but make sure you don’t pull at your hair.

Since the headgear is influenced by fashion trends then its not surprising that you get to see different styles come up every now and then. One of the latest gele trend is the infinity pleat gele, this style is like a never ending circle created on top of the head, it does have an end of cause but it looks like it goes on forever. The video below however if the older version of the infinity pleat, its the simple pleat gele style. The difference is simple, the infinity pleat requires the use of more fabric so once you’ve learnt this style tying the infinity pleat becomes easy.

Watch the tutorial below;


Starting pleat gele

Hello World

Tying pleat gele

YouTube Lifestyle Vlogger Rola Otems

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