Steaming is not new, but somehow a lot of people don’t know about it. I for one steam my hair every once in a while, while I use hair mayonnaise others use deep in-conditioning( I tried it and its amazing). Steaming your hair can change the entire look of your hair, its part of the beauty regimen practiced by a lot of women now because they have been exposed to the relevance of steaming.

There are so many wonders steaming your hair can do; for starters it helps to detangle your hair (hey naturalistas), it gives your hair the needed moisture, it helps your hair break less and by doing so it helps you to save money on hair products.

So many of you are wondering what steaming hair entails; well Steaming  involves using heat on the hair but rather than drying out your hair it makes it humid in other for your hair to absorb moisture among other attached benefits.

Here are four benefits of steaming;

  • It adds moisture more effectively because the cuticles are open when you steam your hair thereby letting the treatment in better.
  • It helps to restructure and replenish your hair.
  • It gives your hair elasticity, body lift and strength.
  • It promotes your natural clumpy curls without reducing volume

Here’s a video of how to steam your hair but first here’s what you’ll  need:

  • Deep-in-conditioner/ Leave-in-conditioner or Hair Mayonnaise
  • A towel
  • Shower cAP
  • A steamer/ Dryer/ steam from your bathroom or a hand dryer

Note: This video has no voice so simple watch and read how the process is carried out.

Source: Peanutt718

I hope by now you know that steaming regularly (once or twice a month) is really good for the overall health of your hair.The video gives you a quick look at how to steam your hair, simply read, watch and practice.

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