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I’m sure there are couple of ladies like me, that like to change their nail polish weekly and that doesn’t seem possible with acrylic nails. That’s because changing the nail polish using acetone-contained polish nail removers can also remove the nails and almost all nail polish removers have acetone. And obviously regular natural nail polish can’t stand up to our daily stress of washing of hair or clothes, but acrylic nails can stay up for 2-3 weeks if not more. If the colour used initially isn’t suiting your next look, the few next procedures can be used to change your nail polish on acrylic nails.


Acrylic nails

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  • Use a non-acetone based nail polish remover on cotton balls to remove oil polish. Keep swapping with fresh moisturized cotton balls if it gets caked with nail polish or becomes dry until all polish is removed. Don’t submerge your nails in it.
    Nail Polish remover and cotton balls

    Nail Polish remover and cotton balls

  • Wash and dry your hands very well to remove any residue of the polish remover to prevent from eating up the nail glue and acrylic. This also very important to prevent any infection.
    Wash your hands

    Wash your hands

  • Apply the base coat. This is very necessary for acrylic nails to give protection to the nails from the chemicals in the nail polish and increase the lifespan of the nails as well as nail polish.
    Apply the basce coat

    Apply the base coat

  • Then apply the nail polish. 2 or 3 coats of the nail polish is  perfectly okay, if going for more designs, be creative and simple.
    Painting nails

    Painting nails

  • Finally, apply a few coats of the top coat after the nail polish. Ensure the nail polish is dried before applying the top coat to prevent it from getting messy.
    Apply top coat

    Apply top coat

So ladies, I hope I’ve been very helpful?…………let’s know your take on this procedure in the comment box.

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