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Face scrub is of utmost importance to every woman. It makes your face feel brand new, like it’s been freshly polished to a sparkling finish! A lot of us purchase already made face scrubs , but do you know you can save yourself some money and still have your face feel brand new? A good DIY face scrub from your kitchen is all you need.
This is a super easy process that takes just three ingredients: sea salt, olive oil and an essential oil (lavender oil).

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Begin by pouring one quarter cup of olive oil into a small bowl.

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Step one

Then add about one-eighth (1/8) cup of sea salt to the olive oil. You can add a little more if you like an extra coarse scrub.

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Step two

Add about five drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture because of its calming qualities. This is the last ingredient; Although it is optional, it can combat anything from redness to acne.


Step three

In just ten seconds, mix the ingredients together with your finger tips until they’re well blended.


Face scrub5

Step four

Your scrub is then ready to use.  With each hand, apply on your skin using a gentle circular motion to work all over your skin. Leave this for about thirty seconds. Rinse scrub off properly using warm water.

face scrub6

Step five

Although they natural ingredients,test it out along your jawline to see if your skin will react, if you tend to be sensitive to scrubs. Your face glows with freshness when you try this.

You can use this scrub for your body as well. This is a great DIY option to bring life to your dry skin.

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