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Having a solution for a great skin is something each and everyone of us want and therefore we set out to seek remedies for our skin blemishes. One of the ways to get rid of white & black head plus a host of other skin blemishes is with the use of charcoal, not just any charcoal but activated charcoal which is the medical grade version (yes darlings it is used in hospitals).

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There are definitely a lot of activated charcoals out there people use the food grade charcoals to detox (you put it in juices and smoothies), this same can be used to whiten teeth etc however this post if not about detoxing the inside but the outside i.e your skin.

Now I guess you are wondering; how do you cleanse and purify your skin with the use of activated charcoal? Well very simple, you turn it to a face mask. I know what you are thinking, its weird that we are asking you to rub charcoal on your skin but you should note that we wouldn’t tell you too if it wasn’t working or worth the risk.

The charcoal works in a way other chemicals wouldn’t work because it is natural; Toxins stick to the activated charcoal and that is why it has been chosen among the best detoxifier and purifier. There is of cause the issue on how it can be applied to the skin. This is why you have to watch the video below, Youtube vlogger Journeyto WaistLength shows us how to apply the activated charcoal.

  Source: Journey to waist length YouTube Channel

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