Divas Get in Here! Whats Your Fav Pasta Combo? Results From These Nigerian Women Would Shock You!


Hey Lovelies


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You know am a foodie, I Loveeee food absolutely!!! Am only satisfied when I step into the kitchen, put on my apron and whip up something absolutely tasty and beautiful. So its no surprise when you see me turning the channel to the food network to catch some amazing recipe.

At the office  we started asking divas what kinda pasta they like to eat and how they liked to prepare it. I was so shocked to hear all kinds of orisisi.

Some peeps actually fry noodles, some eat it with ewedu,  noodles with bread, noodles with efo riro, noodles with ata gingu, noodles with suya.  I have heard all kinds of stuff.

I didn’t even know there was something called Spaghetti pie abi Spaghetti salad. I noticed that every diva I asked had something totally different to say. It got me thinking, we all have different and diverse approach to how we actually eat pasta. Why not as my divas(hehe..see what I did there) what there fav pasta combo is? Lets hear what they have to say. Do me a favor, answer all the questions below with all honesty! There is a huge bet at the office on which pasta combo you guys would vote for the most. Remember! answer all questions honestly! Biko

As a single woman am totally one with the kitchen.


Kitchen Mode

Which of this best describes you?
91 Vote
Single with Kids
22 Vote
Married with Kids
43 Vote
Married with Expecting Kids
21 Vote

Which of these brands of pasta do you most frequently purchase or consume?
20 Vote
Golden Penny pasta
86 Vote
Dangote Pasta
12 Vote
Honeywell pasta
14 Vote

Which of these brands of noodles do you most frequently purchase or consume?
Mimee Noodles
10 Vote
Indomie Noodles
103 Vote
Golden Penny noodles
10 Vote
Cherie noodles
2 Vote
Dangote Instant noodles
6 Vote
Honeywell Noodles
11 Vote


Does price play a role in determining what staple food to purchase?
43 Vote
98 Vote


When you think of Healthy and Staple foods for your family, which of these brands comes to mind?
Golden Penny Foods
77 Vote
34 Vote
9 Vote
Dangote Foods
8 Vote


What is your favorite Pasta Combo
Spaghetti and CornBeef
49 Vote
Spaghetti Salad
23 Vote
Spaghetti Pie
2 Vote
Spaghetti and Sardine
26 Vote
Noodles and Suya
9 Vote
Plain Spaghetti
13 Vote
Plain Noodles
11 Vote

If you have any other combos or suggestions let us know in the comment box

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