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There comes a time in life when all seems very bleak, its either you are gaining too much weight or you have chest pains caused by the food you eat, the reaction to this problem is to quickly and swiftly change your diet plan. For many this proves a bit difficult because after so much research they come up with meals that are not “Nigerian”, while others believe that you cannot eat healthy if your plan consist of “Nigerian Food”.  Whether its the former or the latter I want you to know that you can diet and have a good meal and eating plan with food that is available in nigeria.


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A typical complete day-night time meal plan in nigeria usually consist of food that contains a high amount of carbohydrate which is one of the minerals that we need to cut down on, therefore instead of a typical bread in the morning, rice in the afternoon and pounded yam in the evening, we need to switch things up adding other vitamins and minerals to the list.

Other ways to stay and eat healthy includes the following;

  • Cut-down of salt intake
  • Reduction in the amount of palm oil you consume
  • Choosing your meat with wisdom
  • Cutting down on sugar intake
  • and Watching what you drink

Note that one of the best meat to consume is the goat meat because the meat is 50%-65% lower in fat while it has the same protein content as beef. Chicken is another good choice but compared to the goat meat, it has a higher cholesterol.


This is a list of food that we have put together to serve as a guide for your weight loss and Low-fat Diet regime.

Start your day with a light breakfast which may include the following;
. Oatmeal
. Vegetable sandwich
. Custard
. Banana
. Fresh orange Juice
. Coffee
. Cereal with skimmed milk; No sugar (Note that skimmed milk is different from full milk)
. Scrambled eggs
. Mixed salad and Yogurt
. Boiled Irish Potato and Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions

Your food is allowed to be a little bit heavier during lunch.
. Cooked Beans with stew (mixed beans should not be all the time because palm oil has a lot of fat).
. Oil-Less Seafood Okra and wheat
. Fruit Salad
. Vegetable Salad
. Diet Soda (if you must)
. Smoothie (Fruit or Vegetable with skimmed milk or fresh yogurt)
. Tuna sandwich (oil drained out)
. Spaghetti
. Jollof rice
Note: (Spaghetti and Jollof would be safer if they were made with olive or canola oil)
. Boiled yam and sauce made with Olive oil
Basically your food should be made with olive oil or canola oil if you can’t eat without oil.
. Couscous 
. Pounded Yam and vegetable soup.
. Rice and beans with stew
. Semo and efo riro (canola oil instead of palm oil)

You are to either skip dinner or eat dinner before 7-pm
If you are eating diner before 7-pm you can have the following;
. Tilapia pepper soup
. Palm oil free beans
. Boiled Sweet potato
. Boiled Plantain
. 1-2 Wraps of moi-moi and pap
. Couscous Jollof
. Baked beans and Boiled plantain

It’s important that your meal be cooked with less palm oil and vegetable oil. Instead try oil-Less meals or use olive or canola oil.

These are the diet meal plan with nigerian food or food you can get in nigeria, anyway you want to look at it is fine as far as you follow the rules diligently you’ll be just fine.

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