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For me makeup is all about enhancement and covering problem areas and so am not a fan of baking and caking and all the lot. While am not going to judge those who put tons of products on their faces daily am just going to say, there are times when you need to take a deep breath.

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Sometimes you should tone the baking down and go with something that’s a little bit you, a dewy face is perfect. I’ve always said it’s important to look like yourself even if you have makeup on and we’ve all seen news of men divorcing their newlyweds because they took their makeup off; not supporting those dim wits though am just saying its best to leave the heavy makeup for special occasions and then do a dewy everyday makeup instead.

When and if you most wear makeup every day you need to consider your skin. One thing that heavy products do is stop your skin from breathing and the black spots start popping up. These spots is a way of protest, your skin is trying to tell you that it needs time to breath.



These spot reaction is one of the reason why dermatologist are against the use of makeup products daily, no matter how safe you think a particular set of product is (organic or not) you are clogging your pores and so you should allow it some free time.

Popular blogger and Makeup artiste Iamdodos has shared a beautiful video and we are sharing it with you. You definitely need to glow but you can do that with few makeup products, so watch these tutorial video and learn;



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