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Yesterday I had a nostalgic feeling, its been one of my dreams to travel the world and of course I would love to start from God’s own continent which is “Africa”. There’s no need to tell you that the African continent is beautiful, its rich in culture, food, nature scenery, natural resources I could just go on and on.

There are so many countries I would love to visit in Africa but here are my top 5 countries with the reasons why I would love to visit them first;

1. Marrakesh Morocco

Thanks to instagram and travel bloggers I’ve fallen in love with this city, located in northern Africa in the western part of Morocco. It is a former imperial city and its the third largest city in Morocco. The name Marrakesh means land of God and you can’t dispute that fact because it is a gorgeous city full of rich culture and history.


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2. Seychelles 

This island can be located in east Africa and its one of the favorite destination spot for prince Williams and Kate. This country is known for its beaches, rare wildlife, coral reefs, nature reserves, diving etc. This country is definitely going to be worth every effort, the scenery is so beautiful and you would be one with nature, how cool is that.


3. Mauritius 

Also located in East Africa, people that visit this country just want to stay forever. Unlike Seychelles, Mauritius is a volcanic island. Not to worry the volcanoes aren’t active so you can still enjoy the mountainous terrain, which includes national parks, waterfalls, rainforest and mountain trails you can also enjoy the beaches, reefs and lagoons.


4. Nairobi

So Nairobi is on my list because of the bustling national park which is a large game reserve known for breeding endangered species of animals. There is also the Ngong hills which is a beautiful scenery.


5. Tanzania

Well I would actually love to climb to the top of mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa located in Kenya. In Kilimanjaro you can enjoy taking a drive through the safari where you can see the wild life. You could also try to go see lake Victoria if you are up for it, this is also part of Tanzania


This are some of the African countries in my “Destination Africa” list. What countries would you like to visit in Africa?

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