Celebrity Crush – Desmond Elliot, Banky and Other Celebrities Rock The BEARDGANG STYLE


This might sound funny, but it’s becoming such a popular trend that it can’t be ignored even if you try. It’s weird talking about it, but this is becoming part of the fashion world and it makes a lot of sense.


Beards! Yes, beards. It’s fashionable and it’s the in thing, check out some celebrities and you can gauge the amount of time and money they put into their beards. It’s a trademark, it’s an identity and there is something about tending and nurturing something that will grow and you feel like… yea, I did that.


This is why am writing about beards ,a long time ago, beards were not fashionable, it was more or less a normal thing you see on men or young guys. There was no special attention drawn to it until recently. I noticed this when a friend started growing his hair and I keep wondering why. Now I know, he wants to be like Desmond Elliott, Banky W, Ramsey Noah or even like


Hello World


Beards can only be carried well by an elite. A proud man who isn’t afraid to shake things up. You can’t listen to Wole Soyinka and not be amazed, his beards just make you wonder how much wisdom is behind the brain. Through the beards? Yes,  through the beards.


It’s not every fashion style that suits everybody, it’s not all item of fashion that is adaptable is everybody. So, it’s not every man that should grow beards. It just doesn’t fit some people, probably due to lack of care or it just doesn’t rhyme with their body frame.

It takes care, it needs nurturing and it needs a skilled barber to shape it to suit your face. Think about it and you will find that there is just something about a clean, nurtured and fine beard.


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