Dear TIWA SAVAGE – This is Terrible!


‎The basic rules of fashion especially for an African Woman include, Decency, style fitness. That is, any item of clothing you wear, casual or corporate, day or evening wear. It should be decent. And decent for an African woman simply means every part of your body should be properly covered. Style is your personalization of your clothes, the way and manner you combine your items is your style and fit simply means how perfect it fits you,how well it blends with your frame and curves. After all these explanations,if you step out of your home in a combination that flouts these basic rule you should be arrested.


Hello World

So,as FASHION POLICE NIGERIA, well within our duties to maintain law and order in the fashion jurisdiction hereby place an arrest on ‘Tiwa Savage’. She is guilty of all counts. Plain and simple, in all manner of dress sense, deceny is very important. Why would you wear such revealing outfit to perform in a show full of youth, vibrant youths looking up to you as a role model. This outfit is completely illegal. As mentors, role models and ambassadors, our major aim is to teach through our words, actions and even our dress sense. It’s an era of ‘copy and paste’. They see you do it and they go ahead to do it, not caring if it’s right or wrong.


The whole idea is to show a hint of ‘cleavage’ not bare the whole br**t. That’s exactly what you’ve done. You have put everything out for the world to see. Please Tiwa,COVER UP. Why you would wear an outfit glued to your body and highlighting every part of your body to the eye and leaving nothing to the imagination is amazing. Why? Why? Why would you do that? We feel hurt,you have overthrown all the rules of Fashion in two outfits.


However  in our leniency, we will serve this as a warning to you. Please, let us never find you breaking the rules of fashion again. Remember: DECENCY,STYLE and FITNESS.





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