Dear Ladies Get Your MAN to STAND OUT IN AGBADA For That Wedding


There is a popular saying that says ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’. This notion always ring in my ear every time, because experience on many occasions both personal and the ones I have heard of have confirmed that the saying is indeed very true.

Have you noticed the kind of aura you feel when a man wears ‘Agbada’. There is a feeling of authority, confidence and power on a man wearing this traditional wear. As Africans, Nigerians especially, the Agbada is a trademark, its a way of differentiating the rich and classy man from others. However, that is even changing now, because they have noticed the power this item of clothing radiates and every man wants to ba a part of it. It can be sewn with different fabrics, Ankaras, lace, aso-oke, guinea etc.

Agbada gives you class as a man. It empowers you. You will wonder if am exaggerating, but no. It is true. Why is our democracy characterized with our traditional wear? It’s a symbol of identity as Africans, we have left the suits, the shirts and every other western clothing to embrace the uniqueness of our African identity which is very paramount in our dressing.


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Therefore, our Dashiki’s, Buba and Sokoto and Agbada are great pointers. Tracing our history as Africans, this item is only worn by our rulers, chiefs and anybody in a powerful position. During those times, you cannot just wear Agbada to the farm or to a function. It was left for the rich and the royal family.

Modernisation, however has changed matters. Every man is a man of calibre, power and authority in his own little way. The Agbada  then, was only worn to functions. but, even now, the president wears it to conferences and meetings outside the country. This is not to say it’s a Monday wear. It’s just shows how our tradition has been fully embraced and celebrated.


Even the western men, has embraced this mode of fashion. In traditional weddings, the man isn’t completely dressed if he isn’t wearing agbada, especially for the Yoruba people. The Agbada carries much significance.

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