People who have not been in an abusive relationship often wonder why a person wouldn’t leave. They don’t understand that breaking up might be more complicated than it seems. Unfortunately some of this victims suffer in silence, It is like a little dirty secret that they don’t want to discus with anyone. The neighbors who hear the yelling and screaming is reluctant to talk to the victim for fear of seeming nosy and the co workers who saw the bruises would readily believe the “accident”story even though the accident story is a regular routine. And the victim will not speak up for fear of been ridiculed or judged as weak.


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One of every five girls have had this experience. Now what makes people wonder is how you stay in an abusive relationship? Getting out of an abusive relationship isn’t easy, maybe you are still hoping that things will change or you are afraid of what your partner will do if he finds out that you are trying to leave. It is easy to think that only women are been abused by their partners. Many men have reported that they have also been in an abusive relationship where the woman tortures them both physically and emotionally. Physical tortures can be seen the worst is the emotional torture.

Like earlier said, its really hard to come out of an abusive relationship because nothing good comes easily, but if you follow a few advice it will be easy and worth every second of the effort you make.

1.Share with your closest friend and family

This would not be easy especially when your partner presents him or herself as an amazing person even your closest friend would have a hard time believing you are been tortured. You can start by telling them how emotionally broken you feel and show them little proofs because it is hard to break a person super good image after you do this you will feel relived and confident, you can now start taking a stand for yourself.

2.Keep away from things that triggers your partner

What triggers abusive partners most is when they are not been listened to or obeyed. Once you share things with your friends and family you do not have to be afraid and keep in mind that whatever will come will be for the best.

3.Threaten to call the police if your partner wants to hurt  you

when your partner tries to hurt you, you can threaten with the police or you will call for help that will ruin his image in front of so many people. Fear is really a motivator if you scare your partner, at least it would stop you from been abused.

4.Keep proofs,like a recording or video

Many people have been in an abusive relationship, so you don’t need to be ashamed or afraid if you are in such relationship.You just need to take a stand for yourself because it is only you who can take care of your own self. Others will take care of you but not to the extent to guard you and your emotions.

Have you been abused? how did you get out of it? Share with us in the comment section down below, you might just be helping someone in need.

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