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Growing up, while the boys played with race cars, trains and engines – o guns too lest I forget, we the ladies were busy playing with tea pots and dolls. We would set ours dolls down and serve them tea or if we weren’t having a tea party, we were taking care of our babies and so from such a small age our maternal instincts already kick in. Think about it, even if you didn’t throw tea parties you played the game ‘Mother & Father’ – at this point the boys joined to play their fatherly role. I wouldn’t say training but I would say our natural instinct kick in when we are younger, we already know that we want babies, there are exceptions of cause but the probably make up a meager 2% of people in the world.

Pinky Girls

Hello World

When we get to a certain age, past our early teens many of us are super taken by a new born, not knowing what it means to have a baby, all that matters at that moment is the love you are feeling. We carry this around us and that is why when we see kids like Ilyza and Djanoa [ TIRZA Sisters ], cute siblings living in Belgium we go awwwwwwn so cute 💖🌈💘…

For many that are already mothers or fathers they see how well dressed Ilyza and Djanoa [ TIRZA Sisters ] and they want that for their little princess. If you fall into this category then you should take a look at how the Tirza sisters are conquering fashion with the right outfit and attitude and for the rest of us, well we would just comfort ourselves with how cute they look.

Look-book inspiration…

Baby Girls For Life


African Barbie’s

Ilyza and Djanoa

Same Stuff

Source: Instagram | @tirza_ilydjazy

Be Inspired By Curls, Fashion & Attitude!

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