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When it comes to hair styling on a daily basis many of us get tired and can’t be bothered but as much as we want to spend a minimum amount of time styling our hairdo’s we can’t just walk out of the house looking like the cat curled up in our weaves the night before hence we’ve got to put the effort albeit halfheartedly.

As african women our hair is naturally thick and dense thereby making it easy to shape it and style it anyway way we want to but there are times that we want something simple, a hair style that is permanently styles and all we have to do is look in the mirror, rub on some essential oil and viola we are good to go. Aside’s from braids the only other popular protective style that doesn’t have to do with combing or unnecessary tugging is the crochet hairstyles.

The crochet hairstyles make life simple and easier and happily we get to protect our hair along the way. The protective hairstyle naturally aim to limit the stress of environmental factors on our natural hair. It also serves to maintain the moisture and also protect the length of our hair while keeping us looking stylish and chic.

Who wouldn’t want a hairstyle that can provide all of the above and still maintain and protect our hair? Well the crochet hairstyle is a protective hairstyle therefore you are surely covered. Like all other hairstyles you should remember to nourish and moisturize your scalp every morning, this would enable you get the best out of the hairstyle.


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Below is a video of the crochet hairstyle that you need this season;

Source: YouTube Channel Kiitanaxo

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