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Did you know you can create a thin illusion depending on what you have on? Just as you can look bigger than you truly are you can also appear thinner than you really are. The slimming trick is what you wear, that said, what items or accessories would you use to create a slimmer illusion?

There are probably so many ways and slimming tricks you can create and apply in order to have a slimmer image, here are 11 ways you can look slimmer:


Hello World

  1. Your Leg would appear slim in a sexy skirt matched with at least 4 inch stilettos that come with pointy nose, slender toe and thin heel. This stilettos help to narrow the silhouette of calves.
  2. V-neckline, Deep V’s create a high focal point therefore it gives the illusion that your top half is slimmer drawing away attention from your midriff. With each proportion of skin you display, your chances of looking elongated and elegant increases.
  3. Body reformers and shape wears are king, get smooth pieces that are a perfect fit and do not bulge unnecessary. Shapers that have tummy control does wonders for pencil skirts and under shirts.
  4. With many colors there is so much going on with the eyes, if you are trying to create an illusion then a one shade ensemble would do you justice. Create a consecutive vertical line and have a contrast between your upper and lower half drawing attention to your midriff.
  5. Placing jewelries in strategic places also help, it brings attention to the places you want it to, long necklaces add length and bring attention away from hips to the center of your body while chandeliers draws attention to your face.
  6. This one is a no brainer, match and coordinate your shoe color to the tone of your skin, also natural hued versions look great.
  7. A ponytail or any hairstyle you pull into a bun or hairstyles that brings your face up helps to create a light tease, bring out your bone structure and ultimately making your face look thinner.
  8. Simple, unadorned, streamlined and clean denim are more flattering because they are devoid of any feature embellishment, extra detailing that catch the eye. The best style or cut for this jean are boot cut and straight cut.
  9. Body Forming and proper underwear are paramount. Once you have the proper underwear there would be no bulkiness. The perfect underwear offers seamless coverage.
  10. A jacket over a jean works wonders too especially when it’s an open jacket worn over a V- neck blouse and dark jeans.
  11. The choice of fabric also has a lot to do with a slim illusion. Flat materials do not add volume, fabrics like denim, cotton, wool gabardine or silk are fabrics of touch. Also fabrics with spandex are also a good buy.

There are more slimming tricks you can apply, take your time to study which one works for you.

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