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“What’s up with this crazy hair day title?” I know such a question must have run through the minds of everyone of us on seeing the title. Well, it’s actually not far from what you think. Not at all! It’s simply a day set aside to go gaga..

Usually, the “crazy hair day” is a great just-for-fun celebration that schools and other institutions that work with kids love to throw to let kids and their parents express their wild side a bit. It goes like this; kids are encouraged to come in with the wackiest and most creative hair design that they can possibly imagine; hair gel, hair colour and even toys are all fair game, but right here, we are all aware that we are dealing with adults. Therefore, it’s simply the adult “crazy hair day”. Forget all these titles….lol. I must confess that none of us rocks a particular hairstyle without the sole aim of being admired by persons around us. It even becomes prettier if we have a guy admiring and falling for us, simply because of our amazing hairstyles. Of course, some guys love it crazy, while others love it mild; it just depends on one’s choice.

Just come to think of it! imagine a world without a crazy nature! I feel it makes the world go round, as variety is the spice of life, any day and time. Having known this, why not join in the train of making the world go round with your crazy hairstyle? I bet you, men would fall for you. You need inspiration on how best to do this I guess? Well, be inspired with the following crazy hairstyles;

Beaded Yellow Braids 

Hello World

Faded Yarn 

Skin and Yarn

Beaded Yarn 

Ocean Blue Yarn 

Mild Yarn

Source: Instagram | Nigerian Hairstyles

It’s amazing how you simply get noticed in public, simply because of your crazy hair!

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