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What’s it like to dress like a couple in 2017?

For us women, its awkward when your man doesn’t have as much swag as we do especially when we go for various occasions and sadly couples are studied in a contrast- the more you dress up the worse your man looks and vice versa. This is definitely not the best way to live because as unimportant as you think this detail is, its not unimportant at all, its a total dilenma so what do you do?

For those other women who are lucky enough to have spouses that dress as good as them we say kudos, however giving them thumbs up isn’t the only thing we can do, we can learn from them. You see everything is learn-able, dressing is a gift as much it is a skill that one can acquire and so as a significant other, this might be something you need to teach your other half.

The principle you should follow is thus;

1. First understand why he’s not into dressing then convince him on the need to look good telling him that fashion also offers comfort.

2. Introduce fashion in the best way, by gifting him with something that you like and something you know he would like.

3. Reward the success of his efforts by showering him with praises and flattery, in which case you can chip in ideas on what clothes you think would suit him.

4. Evening you need some inspiration… Show him this MadivasMag post just like you share with him snap chat videos etc…


Hello World









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Amber + Brian

Tanisha and Ebere

Timi @trish_ugbadz and Jide

Remember “Couples that slay together stay together”!!!

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