Corporate Swags Vol 1 – New Year Look!


Hey guys, hope you had fun at home during the holidays. Well, guess what! This year is going to be amazeballs for you and I (Amen). While some of you guys would have declared many new year resolutions(that you wont keep after the 2nd week of January)  we have been working hard to figure out some of the work clothes you can try on to get your groove on.


I am also sure that your fiance, husband, boyfriend, padi for jungle, friend(even though you like yourselves) must have bought you some nice outfits for youa gifts. Even though they have not, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to look good. Try to avoid dull colors. Take a look at some of the things we have in mind! Go through the pictures and enjoy!

girl pictures

Hello World


girl2 pictures

girl3 pictures


gir pic 4





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