Corporate Styles :How To Work Blazers and Full Flared Skirt


Traditional corporate  colors  mainly grey, black, brown etc are what occupies the corporate environment. As a career woman little is usually expected from your out look as a lot of people figure, but fashion is a way of life. The picture below gives you a normal/ traditional sense of style in the corporate world.



Hello World

with  such outfits you would definitely be one with the crowd. Although  colorful corporate wear all depend on your work environment, you can still incorporate a little bit of color. If you want to stand out, you have to take a chance. change up your outlook by adding a little bit more color some flair.

Below are some ways you can style up your corporate ware.



Blazers are simply the best, every woman must have at least five pairs in her closet.

This gorgeous monochrome blazer is flared at the waist making it different from the proverbial straight cut blazer. it adds attention to the plain pencil midi skirt.

blazer 2

This beautiful navy blue blazers gives this outfit another definition, paired with purple pants a light blue shirt and blank pumps.

cop 1


This peach blazer gives this entire outfit a new meaning.




 A lot of people find it very hard to wear full flare skirts, here are some ways you can pair.

 you could choice to go with a faux leather top and flared skirt.

cop 3

Or you could keep it light and go with floral prints.

full skirt

Or wow with Red.

 For an outfit like this a beautiful plain colored blazer would do just fine.


or you can choose a leather ,leopard and plaid style


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