Are you just a participant or are you a boss ass bitch? The answer to this question right here lies in the way you style yourself to work. The way you look like a boss involves a lot, one of them being ‘tailored precision’. Elegant tailoring as well as combination suggest a breathable, savvy and perfectly proportioned individual.

The Quality of fabrics is another element; the new power look involves tasteful structure with pieces made from modish textile’s that gives off a refined and urbane view. Getting these elements right propels you from back room board member to the dazzling boss chick that you are.

While we’ve noted two elements, tailored precision and tasteful fabric, we also have to talk about about the fit; You might have a piece that looks powerful, made from the best fabric but it might not be well placed when you wear it. Achieving a boss chic look also means a perfectly proportioned fit lending to a strong ultra modern look that defines the power look that many modern women ascribes to.

Taking cues from all we have written above, we’ve gone in search of styles that are easy and relate-able. We’ve selected trendy pieces with incredible cuts as well as details that would be a starting point to your achieving a boss-chick look every single day you have to go to work.

Here’s a look at the corporate styles that would define you and give you a new power look…


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This corporate styles look book should be taken in strides, with the selection above you can recreate using pieces you already have.

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