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“He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of everyday needs to reorganize his life” George Matthew Adams

Already, you must have realized that today’s theme for us is all about fun and enjoyment. This terms are relative depending on the subject matter and for fashion the idea of fun and enjoyment is all about dressing up and looking good as that translates to feeling good. Thanks to my real life experiences and exploration and can boldly state that when you are commented on how good you look, your day becomes even better and this is very crucial for when you have to dress up for work.

Let’s face it, dressing up for work can be daunting, going to work in itself is strenuous and sometimes we wished we could wake up and be wealthy but the reality is that no matter how stressed we are mentally and physically we have to go to work and put in our best. What makes life easier is if we look so good that we put smiles on other people faces – what do I means by this? Simple, if someone admires what you are wearing there is a smile why? Because the person wishes that they could be in what you are wearing and they make a mental note about it causing their face to broaden in a smile towards the prospect.

Now, the question is, do you want to feel good as well as put a smile on other peoples faces? Then scroll down to see our best corporate outfit ideas for today…


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