Finding a balance between your love for fashion and the type of job you do can be very daunting; for one depending on what office environment you find yourself, some of the rules and guidelines on what to wear can be pretty strict and archaic, so much so that even the most motivated woman can struggle with finding the right corporate outfit idea…

For women in business, ideas on your business might flow more freely than ideas for your dressing; ideas flowing can come from anywhere however when it comes to physical representation its something different all thanks to the extremely strict rules set up by some of these organisation.

Corporate outfit ideas can be vague and sketchy at times, you might have an idea somewhere in your head however the thought of having to do a round at the HR’s office is something that gives you a foreboding, so rather than go into work in something dazzling you decide to just wear your simple white crisp shirt, black pants, shoe and bag… This means you totally stick to the super boring.

What you need to do if you are not sure of what to do with yourself when it comes to dressing to work is take a look at some of the corporate outfit ideas that we’ve selected for you. What you would definitely learn from this look book is the way each of these ladies kept to the strict rules of business without compromising their love for fashion:

Sade Akinosho

Hello World

Pamela Madlala

Kefilwe Mabote

Charlie Kamale

Charity Baaitse

Charity Baaitse

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