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Going to work is very daunting, sometimes a stay in bed longer after my alarm rings because I am too lazy to get up, when I finally do I have to rush and it works out better for me if I’ve already thought about what to wear if I haven’t then that would be a disaster.

It’s always safer and better to think about what to wear to work ahead of time, this way you can increase your sleep time as opposed to using up most of the morning looking for the right outfit to wear to work.

There are two ways to make the best of your time in the morning the first is pick out your clothes the night before and the second is to prepare the entire weeks outfits and place them in your closet, we would be guiding you on how to prepare for the entire week at once;


On Mondays it is important that you look sharp and ready to work, and so this corporate outfit makes for the perfect Monday outfit.

Titi Adu

Hello World


Tuesdays are a bit more lenient but there is still the need to look like you’ve got work to do. You should still look like you are up to receive whatever is thrown your way since it’s still early in the week, This is a corporate outfit for Tuesday.

Titi Adu


Looking good is good business on Wednesday, it’s the mid-week and you must have been done with half of your report by now. Look fierce in something that’s close to this corporate outfit.



You could wither be done or almost done with your work this week and so you can relax and try out a more business casual corporate outfit idea.


Toun Aj


Freedom at last plus its friyay! Time to party… your look here should consist of casual attires made of Ankara or otherwise.


Karen All

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