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Having a career is fun and exciting, as a career girl dealing with challenges, achieving personal goals and striving for success has a rewarding feeling likewise being very stylish and elegant while you achieve your ultimate goals. Our independence and individuality is expressed in what we have on and what is in our wardrobe creating a sense of who we are not withstanding our office environment. What to wear to work is in itself a daily job whose reward is confidence, Here are 6 corporate outfits that are top confidence boosters.

Two Color Piece

Two piece attires are a wonder, there is certainly no thinking required when matching just two colors. Here @miss_kaypee sports a high waist sheer stripe pencil skirt which she pairs correctly with a yellow blouse and a white hue print pump.



Hello World

Nautical Stripe

Nautical Stripes are perfect for this season, this nautical stripe pencil skirt is bright and cheerful paired with a black long sleeved top with lace details this look on @prissysavy is a pretty business and casual look. She completes the look with a pink clutch and patent pink heels.




The sophisticated look is all about knowing the right items to pair. Being overly elaborate doesn’t ever guarantee a chic and elegant appeal, Liz Awoliyi pairs a royal blue Lycra off-shoulder knee length dress with an open ended neck piece and black sandal heel, this look is pure perfection.


@liz awoliyi


This look is certainly something we can learn from, this standard pop of color is eye catching and subdued at the same time. Here a print orange hue mini skirt is paired with a yellow blouse, orange bag and metallic colored pumps. Layered with a yellow blazer this look is classy and chic.




Minimalism is always the perfect fall back when you’re out of ideas on what to wear. This look might be minimal due to the choice of color which is a conventional black and pink but in spite of this the entire look leaves much to be said. Here a gorgeous black crop top is paired with high waist pants, black pumps and a pink coat.



Suit Up

A suit requires a certain modern silhouette, Nifemi here has on a model pant suit, she pairs her white with grey stripe pant suit with a white V neck top and black suede pom pom designed sandal heel. Suit gives off a certain power appeal and appearance.



This corporate outfit ideas would give your wardrobe a face-lift.

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