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We all know how corporate attires are a must have for a lady because we definitely have to go to work,business meetings,seminars,conferences and a whole of events that require us to be dressed in a corporate wear. I have noticed how many ladies go overboard all in the name of wearing the right corporate attires. You don’t have to look all serious,that’s not to say you don’t possess the right qualities and qualifications required. I’ll be showing you certain corporate look that are simple yet classy and doesn’t require too much effort to appear.

Wearing a dress for a meeting or for an official assignment  is a yes for me. Oluchi is very cute in her patterned dress, The little cut on the dress made it very chic.If you don’t feel comfortable showing off your arms like she did, you can wear a blazers or jacket over it. The sandal heels made the overall look perfect!

patterned dress

Pattern dress

Hello World

We should not go overboard because we want to be taken too serious, Soraya gives us a different view of how you can achieve that corporate look by pairing  a crop top and a peplum skirt. I totally love how she took the risk of going out of the norm. Arriving at a seminar looking this good would make people admire you.I love her cat eye glasses and her bag its a perfect combination.

crop top and peplum

crop top and peplum

Another corporate look I love so much is this damsel, she is wearing a white canoe neck long sleeve blouse paired with a high waist black fish tail skirt and her sandals heels.This is very work appropriate and classy, she didn’t have to be too dressed to look very corporate and chic. Imagine your company has been pursuing a major business deal for months and you show up at the company looking this good, you’ll definitely get the deal.


Fish skirt and top

I know its not Friday, but this attire is very appropriate to work on a Friday. You want to be work ready and after work turn up ready. I really love how she paired her high waist jeans with a white T shirt and blazers over it. If after work you want to hang out with friends, you can put the blazers over your shoulder so you don’t look too serious. We can’t forget her very cute cat eye glasses and fringe clutch. Adorbs!

blazers and jeans

Blazers and jeans

Wearing an all white ensemble is also a great option when you want to go for a business meeting or seminar because white is a very cool color and I love how the white shirt and skirt looks on her,  very chic.

All white ensemble

All white ensemble

I hope we have all seen that you don’t have to be all dressed up in suits and ties to be taken seriously in the corporate world.

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Have a great weekend.xoxo Thonia

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