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Whats your ultimate corporate outfit idea?

Lets get you started on what corporate outfit ideas is befitting for you but first here’s a little bit of tip-you need to listen up; while its completely okay to look fabulous to work you must remember that your comfort is KEY. Confidence and comfort work hand in hand not separately and thus, it is a necessity to make sure that what you are wearing provides you these options.

Now we are ready to show you the super-cool corporate fashion pieces you can try out;

Depending on where you work, the lace fabric is a super fun & flirty piece- thus, pairing a lace blouse on a lace skirt is a classic corporate outfit idea that works.

Toun AJ

Hello World

Calve length high waist skirts are divine; paired with a midriff blouse they give off a sassy and elegant look.

Toun AJ

Pleat skirts are cool put going for the more stylish cuts is a better idea- this way your attire wouldn’t look bland.


Form fitting shirts and skirt is something you can get away with so make sure your corporate fashion include body con skirts, shirts and dresses.

Peace Hyde

Ruffles are in and they add the perfect vibe to what would have been an otherwise bland piece. A ruffled blouse and skirt make for a pretty combination

Monica Etuk

Layering always add’s a nice touch to one’s look an this season is the perfect time to layer using your light cardigans’s.

Monica Etuk

Some things work perfectly well together; layering a two piece (blouse and pants) is a fun way to give your look a much better vibe.


Don’t know what to do with your too skirt? Wear it to work by pairing it with a bedazzled collar and a light weight sweater.

Monica Etuk

Be Inspired By These Super-Cool Corporate Fashion Pieces.

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