Structured clothes speak a language and the language is ‘professionalism’. However must people believe structured clothes are limited to crisp white shirt, plain black pants and pumps. This could not be further from the truth and we at Madivas derive pleasure in debunking some of these ludicrous statements.

A tailored jacket, a tailored skirt or pant suit, stripe collared shirt are the standard and somewhat old school way of dressing. Corporate fashion has evolved beyond such simple ensemble, now multiple layered pieces, bell sleeves, jumpsuits and other fantastic pieces are part of the program.

The corporate fashion idea while limitless can seem a bit enveloped. This fact is because there are different types of corporate environment. The proverbial tailored suit combo is mainly worn in environments with strict adherence to the rules but many offices this days take on a more business casual approach which gives room for creative fashion.

Corporate fashion is a big thing now and to make sure that you are not left out, here are some outfit ideas you can try:


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Remember your corporate fashion is important. You are well aware that you don’t wear this pieces because you want to wash the plates in your bathroom, you wear them because you want to make an impression so make sure that you go for outfits that would give you happy memories.

If you were asked to pull off one look from this list, what would it be? Tell us in the comment section below.

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