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The question “what to wear to work?” always leave many of us in doubt. While some of us seem to get it the rest of us have to struggle each morning and while we struggle we spend so much time stressing about what to wear that we end up getting to work very late.

Because we don’t want to leave you in doubt or in a situation whereby you would be confused, we’ve brought you some corporate attire that you cause a stir in you creative pool;

Leather and corporate fashion go together, all you need to do is make sure you get the right colour… Bright leather colors like yellow or pink rarely work when it comes to work but darker colours like black, ash, brown and army green are perfect.


Hello World

Prints can be worn but only when they are not blinding… There is the need to add your own personality when it comes to corporate fashion but make sure you do it subtly.


Monochromes have always been a top choice especially black and white but you could always break the norm with a bit of colour (e.g pop a colourful heel)


There are colours that mix well in a palette, like deep brown and light brown paired with white and black +white. The combination can work well in corporate fashion or not, it all depends on you.


Sometimes all you need is a simple combination of colors; a solid color like white paired with light orange can work wonders especially if you are brown skinned.

Karen Kane

Grey has is one of my favorite color especially if its in a metallic form. It always give off fierceness but you can tone it down with tan accessories.


Its in my honest opinion that you should take your corporate fashion seriously as it can open doors for you.

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