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There is no mystery in corporate styling; the mastery that you see here are not unreasonable or hard to obtain. Fashionable women have always been on top because their appearance is attraction and alluring enough to get eyes moving and tongues wagging.

Its highly likely that you know some major styling rules by heart but have you put them into play? Its not just knowing, its also about attempting the information that you have been privy to.

Corporate fashion has its own rules, there are rules that the company or organisation you work for have put in place but there are also rules that are general that work for every organisation. There are some things that are considered sacrilegious in corporate fashion an example is not ironing your cloth or perhaps wearing too revealing an outfit.

While many fashion women would tell you they are living their lives to the fullest and vicariously through what they wear, there are more nuanced factors that play into a fashion woman’s closet as a whole. This is where we come to your rescue, we all know that there are one or two things you must note especially because we are dealing with corporate fashion;

The first point you should take note of is that while you are living through your cloth, your corporate fashion is a representation of the company or organisation you work for. You should also remember that since your outfit is a “representation” then you should piece together a combination that is worthy of your status.

You need to dress in a way to encourage the perception that you are a boss-lady and nothing more than a boss-lady. Do not forget that you are the only one that can choose how you want to appeal to others, but we suggest that you should go for the chic look.

Below are 10 inspiring corporate fashion looks for the new week; get scrolling to see how you should style your outfits this week:


Hello World

Karen All

Karen All

Kare Kane






Tracy Idirisu

You’ve seen it and now what next? Be Inspired!!

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