Shout out to all the women on their grind, to all the women who earn paychecks from the office. This shout out is in no way putting down people who don’t work in a corporate environment, every woman deserves a shout out at some point to enable them ‘feel good and optimistic‘. One thing about earning a paycheck is that there is a lot to deal with mentally and physically and God help you if you have a B**ch Boss. Either ways the paycheck and the joy of earning a salary trumps all that negativity however we have to talk about fashion for the corporate woman. Whether you work in an environment that has you wearing uniformed colours or you work in a creative environment, one thing that is sure is that you can wear buttoned up pieces and still look sophisticated.

The right business attires speaks volumes and although there are several platforms that have become the hotbed of fashion, it seems that a lot of people still fail to look their absolute best however that’s why we are here. Today, we’ve selected a few pieces that we believe work well as corporate choices – we have to say without a doubt that the decision to share these particular corporate outfit ideas are as a result of the way each of them represents whats in today, the body consciousness and of cause the touch of femininity which is the icing on the cake. The looks of cause speak for itself and it’s about time you scrolled through.

Get inspired by these high style work appropriate selections…


Hello World







Be Inspired!

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