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Flipping through the images on your phone, ask yourself “How fabulous was your corporate attire in the month of August?” If your looks were below par then you definitely need help with your look this new month.

We’re going to be letting you in on the fabulous style guide that you should follow this new month. Remember dressing nice is all about styling tips and tricks, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with your style picks and making sure that the pieces you put together are flattering.

It’s time to go ahead; check out the work appropriate looks you should show-case this new month:

Power suits don’t have to be in solid colors only, cool pink’s are also a good choice- you can choose to play it up or play it down depending on you.


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Light blue is a cool and chic color but it can often be a pit pronounced, you can tone it down with a white shirt or any solid colored blouse.


A totally black combo is always safe but give your look a bit of attitude by going with patterned skirts. This would give you a stylish and refreshing look this new month.


The volume that a frilly skirt has adds an obvious curvature to your figure. A skirt on its own defines your body, the frills addition adds a nice contrast to your look.


A floral shirt with a retro pattern adds a polarity to a pencil skirt; to shake things up a bit try using bright colored accessories (do this only if it is allowed in your office environment).


There are different brands of frills some are more ruffled than the others, to balance out an over the top ruffled skirt you can wear it with a crisp white shirt. 


There are some colors that you need to play up and brown is one of such colors you could make it sparkle by adding accessories that would help it pop.

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This are the corporate attire’s for the new month…

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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