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The Dashiki; the famous African print that made its way from the shore’s of the continent to an unknown land, not knowing, not realizing that it would pave way for an “eruption” of African print fashion in diaspora. This dashiki, taken from the northern part of the country traveled and became so popular that every African, non-African, brown skinned and non-brown skinned folk could be seen in it.

The door for greatness has been opened and we all have this fabulous print to thank for it. According to fashion history, the dashiki only maintained a certain type of appearance, it was mostly made into caftan’s tops for male, short caftan styles for females or maxi dresses as it was used as a political statement.

However now that the world is slowly becoming more open, the fabric has moved from being a political statement to being a fashion staple.

We can’t get enough of the dashiki fabric as it is used to create some evolved chic and fun looks and so if you thought you would be looking at 90’s styles then you are mistaking. We are about to open your eyes to some extremely creative and fascinating dashiki styles that we believe should be a part of your wardrobe staple.


Hello World





Dashiki Pride

Dashiki Pride



Short Dress



Did you know there are stories and meaning behind every dashiki color and pattern? The story behind every pattern, curve and line is just as fascinating as the fabric itself.

This is why we tell you that each African print isn’t just a print, but it carries a meaning, a significance and so when you wear the print you are to wear it with pride because you are showing off your cultural heritage.

What do you think of these new dashiki styles? Tell us in the comment section below.

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