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What would you do if you have a midweek date, or a date night out with your pals on a Friday? Want to know how to transform your outfits from day to night? its easier than you think, really… Below are a list of ways you can convert your day time look to a night time style with ease.

What To Do:

1. Start off by making a statement and this can be achieved with the right pair of jewelry, once you loose the blazer and cardigan add a bit of sparkle especially when it turns out that your dress is ordinary and plain. A dangling earring, statement neck-piece or chunky gold necklace would do you justice

2. Its important to freshen u and re-do your makeup that way you get to wipe the day off and look fresh for the night time; this time apply a heavier makeup that would bounce beautifully in the night light. Bold lip stick colors and dark eye-shadow would work nicely, also adding shimmer on your eye’s and cheek bone would hide the stress from the day.

3. Its important to give yourself a quick hydrating facial by gently damping a paper towel and holding it over your face that is after you’ve gotten rid of the residue makeup, then run on some hyaluronic acid gel.

4.  Your hairstyle can be restyled if you have enough time. for example if you had your hair up in a bun before then you can let it down, also if you feel really tired then a bejeweled knitted hat would do wonders (if you have long weaves especially).

5. A fresh breath is of utmost importance and since you can’t get hold of a cinnamon stick, lime or lemon then a mouth wash, breath mint or breath spray should suffice

6. Lastly you need to stock your desk drawer with mini utilities, like facial wipes, ear bud, mini make-up kit etc that way you can look fresh and ready for your meet.

What To Wear:

Here are some attires that are easily converted from day time look to night time style:

Just take off the blazer and you have the perfect night time style


Sharon Mundia

Hello World

Out with the Ankara jacket and you have a banging day time look to a night time style.



Throw on a gorgeous cardigan and you have the perfect work attire, off with the cardigan and here comes night time.

Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie

Take off the blazer and…



This is sexy, with a blazer you look pretty business like without you look amazing

tysha james

Tysha James

Put on a blazer or a trench coat and you have on a day time wear

Lydie Epangue

Lydie Epangue

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