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As we evolve so does our style and so does the need to look better, An example is the fact that, years ago you wouldn’t mind putting up a picture with you on your sleeping net on face book now you have to be drunk to commit such an offence to your person. Contouring and highlighting are one of the ways you can re-invent yourself.


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The right contouring and highlighting tips would enable you create any illusion that you want depending on how you feel at a particular time. The perfect contour and highlight helps to give you balance and it draws the light in such a way that you radiate and look ravishing.

There are several tips that can help you get the perfect contouring and highlighting balance here are a few;

  • Find the light, this you can achieve by taking photographs under bright light this helps to show you where you should highlight and where the lights hits.
  • Pinpoint your best features, if they are your cheek bones then go for it, it its your eyes than enhance it.
  • Define your flaws e.g slimming down your nose using contour.
  • Always start from your hairline and finish off with a bronzer.
  • Cream based highlighters and bronzers are easier to blend, so stay away from powders until the end.
  • Your layering routine is very important, start from your foundation then concealer and so on.

Here’s a video of Lola Oj Tv teaching us how to highlight and contour.

What did you think, can you practice this at home? Leave us a comment in the comment box below.

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