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When it comes to fashion we like to say “always be yourself” even while you take inspirations from everywhere there must be an element that describes who you are. As a college student its easier to identify yourself while you are still a student, the campus is your learning ground, this is where you discover the things you love, hate are comfortable and uncomfortable with.

Judging by your environment, there are many activities you must be engaged in which makes it easier to try out different styles and forms of dressing however there are a few tips and tricks to remember. Check out our picture guide for you, it would help you navigate through your closet wardrobe and ready you for your fashionable future ahead;

1. Proportions are definitely worth considering for so many reasons; first you have to put your serenity into your thought- an example would be how relaxed is your outfit to class and how do you combine your relax pieces?

Wearing a tight top over a extremely tight pants is an absolute no, here’s how proportions are meant to look like.


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2. Cheap piece; as much as we love to get stuff for cheap its not advice-able to spend so much on cheap pieces. Remember, timeless pieces can last you for years (trust me, I know).



3. When it comes down to it ‘pure fabric’ in top qualities are your best buy, this is because they last longer… top quality fabrics that last long are not necessarily expensive, materials like quality chiffon come cheap and last long.


4. Its important that when you are building your wardrobe you consider your future- e.g I still have pieces in neutrals that I got while I was still in school. While you need a bit of color, neutrals are also a good investment.


5. As a young African girl you can do without the Ankara piece and this is where tailoring to fit comes in handy; once you have a good Ankara style you are assured that it would last for a while depending on how well you take care of it (quality Ankara fabric last long).


6. SALES! SALES! SALES!… well, I love sales and that’s why its in huge letter’s… During sales you can get what you wanted for a good price so make sure to look out for them but remember don’t be carried away by the sales make sure to look for standard pieces.



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