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I was once a college/university student and one thing I was really never bothered about at the beginning was what to wear to class. This was simply because we wore uniforms at the university but after my first and second semester as a first year I decided to join the summer school (in a bid to graduate early). You see summer school was quite different and I was pushed into the reality that I really did lack a good wardrobe.

This realization propelled me to get my closet together and at first it was a bit of a struggle, I however got a hand of it and figured out what to wear to class putting my comfort as priority over everything.

What to wear to a lecture room is something that’s a bit on the debatable side. While many people feel they don’t need to be told what to wear others believe that you should put in effort into your outfit since you are building yourself up for your corporate/entrepreneurial future.

I am one of those people that believe in putting work into your look but not forgetting that your classroom outfit should be comfortable so you wouldn’t be distracted. While am not saying that you should spend the entire day trying to dress up, I do think that its very important to look nice and presentable.

I don’t know about you all but I remember taking my summer school freedom very important and so I believe that those of you who do not wear uniforms should take your looks seriously. While I’ll have to admit that outfit picking can be a bit stressful somethings I’ll also like to say you could always come to madivas-mag to check out the best college styles, just like the one we have put together for you. Scroll down to see what you should wear to class;


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I definitely think that college students should wear these to class what about you? Talk to us in the comment section below.

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