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Okay, so am trying to use college lingo; its been a while but as my old self would remember there was once a tim when I was fresh, fun and ready to try on any kind of style. Of cause am still all of the above but with a caution (being that I have work look and all of that).

As a college student, while you have to focus on your study you also have to focus on your look. Building your look at this age is building you for your future; we out of college folks

Denim + Denim

Well, this isn’t new but most people’s idea of this style is pairing jeans and a denim jacket- a faux denim shirt over front-slit denim skirt would do justice to this trend.


Hello World

Maxi Dress + Sneakers

College fashion is all about experimenting and while many college students avoid wearing the maxi dress for a casual function, pairing it with a sneaker is a fun and innovative way you could try.


Plain + Pattern

The African print fabric is exciting, however it doesn’t have to be total… You can rock a mixture of plain and patterned shift Ankara dress and still look fabulous.


Short Denim + Bandage Top

There are days when you need to go out on a casual date however you want to spice up your look because you are simply tired of ankle pants or skirts- a ripped knee length denim and bandage top is a perfect combination you can try.

Brackett Ellis

Power Suit-Suspenders + Sneakers

Who says you can’t dress up powerfully as a student; while the power suit is meant for working women there’s no embargo on it. Make it work for you by rocking it with a suspenders and cute sneakers.


Pleat + Denim

Make your pleat skirt work for you by pairing it with denim and sneakers; its a fun way to dress up to class or the movies.


Printastic Combo + Cropped Tee

This might be a mature style but it sure works out well for the college ladies who have functions to attend, its easy breezy and simple to pull off.


Printastic Combo + Slogan Tee

A look like this is what we refer to as the ‘all rounder’ this is because you can rock it anywhere, anytime all you need to change are the accessories.


These college fashion look book was created to inspire you… Are you inspired? Tell us in the comment section below.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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