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Coats, Dresses and Pants are an important staples. If you want to conquer the print styles years from now you have to understand that there are certain pieces that would certainly be relevant a few years from now. Not saying you have to have these pieces for a long time since we are in the world of fast fashion, however what it means is that at least you have a good chance of having the clothes in your closet for a long period of time and you still wouldn’t be missing the trend beat.

Let’s take a look at the Ankara style staples that should take up a few hangers in your closet space…

Ankara Style Staples | Look-Book



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I think that coats would just make your life so much easier. It has been proven that when you through on an Ankara coat your look automatically looks better. Whether sleeveless of not the coats are so amazing and all you need is to combine then like the looks above or create your own look.




Dresses on their own are quite amazing and they are literally the best looks you can go for always. I mean do we even have to stress how important they are? Nope, dresses are super amazing, comfortable and can be styled in so many different ways. From the styles above you can clearly see the cute ways you can bring a dress alive.




Pants are very functional pieces and you need to have one print pant style in your closet. There are different types of pants styles that you can choose from when you are trying to figure out the one you want to go for. (Click Ankara Pants style) but while you are looking at options let these two styles above help you with your choice.

Has your spirit been raised just by taking a look at these style options? Remember we want you to be happier every time you come to MadivasMag for style Inspo. Tell us if we’ve satisfied your fashion curiosity with this style tips? Comment below…

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