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Dressing to church has always been inherently different and this is because the watch word of churches is modesty. If you’ve recently become a convert, you may feel a little loss because while you want to be modest you also want to be fashionable; even the church discourages a frumpy mess so the question is this, how would you fix yourself in a way that would be perfect for church as well as right for you, fashion wise? First you need to know that modesty and fashion are not enemies but sisters in a pea pod. Fashion doesn’t always have to be about showing off unnecessary skin and that’s why the church encourages modesty because they believe that once you see how fabulous you look covered up, you wouldn’t feel the need to dress in outfits with way too many cut-offs.

Switching into a modest apparel is like a light, the church believes that once you switch off your mode of dressing you would realise that you’ve been in a dark tunnel all this while and you’ve only just realize through your modest church outfits that fashion is a way of life and not necessary what’s in vogue or the amount of skin you need to show.

There are certainly several levels of dressing that’s not allowed in a church e.g walking in with very short apparels whether dress skirts or knickers is an absolute no, also spaghetti straps is a zero, of cause you can always wear sleeveless apparels but they have to be at the edge of shoulders.

Well, if you don’t have a clue what type of church outfit you should wear this week then I think these church outfit ideas would help you;


Hello World


Mimi Onalaja

Titi Adu

Nini Enefola


Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

These are the church outfits you needed to see, now that you’ve seen them I hope these church outfits have inspired you like they did me.

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