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What’s your plan this Sunday? If you are a christian girl like me you know you have to get to church. Sundays are for service and service requires an outfit.Here’s the church outfit picks for this Sunday:


For those who love to wear skirts to church, the length maters a lot when you are trying to make the right choice. For example, while the mini-skirt is a favorite its not acceptable in church because its not comfortable and its also a source of distraction. Typically its always best to go with knee length, calve length and full length skirts. The fit doesn’t matter as much as the length, below are typical examples on some skirt church outfit picks you can try;

Zynnell Lydia Zuh

Hello World

Beauty Daniel

Tracy Idirisu


Pants are generally covering but depending on your denomination and status in church you might just have to choose pants that go well with the unspoken church rule. As usual the one rule is to make sure that the pants are not so tight they they hurt your lady parts.

Lola Oj

Toke Makinwa

Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo

Tracy Idirisu


Dresses are always a favorite and there’s no doubt in my mind that you would find them comfortable as well as stylish. No denomination can deny entrance to a lady in a dress albeit a fitted one. Dresses are a christian girls fall back piece, it is easy to wear (since you don’t have to go about searching for a second piece) and it is comfortable. Here are some dress idea’s that I think you would find a inspiring.


Jennifer Oseh


These are our church outfit pick’s for this Sunday, now its up to you to piece together a fabulous church outfit look.

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