We always need style muses to serve as a source of inspiration especially when it seems like we have hit a creative drought. First off not many of us are blessed with a keen sense of style, we have to work through it over a certain period and secondly even those people who seem to have it together look towards others to motivate and stimulate that vision in order for them to be able to make something beautiful out of what they have.

For your sunday look, the ball is in your court and as usual you could choose to kick it or choose to ignore it. Our only mission is to provide you with the ball which is a metaphor for inspiration in this context.

Sundays are like rain, it is really hard to ignore most especially because it is a day that has been set aside for worship. Typically all christians are supposed to treat every sunday like the special day that it is and that includes what we wear.

Since the day of thanksgiving is what we refer to Sundays, looking the part is also a requirement. While the church doesn’t mean you should go the extra extra mile to look like you are in your “Sunday Best”, what they are however trying to pass across is the need to have on your best clothes-levels/designers don’t matter all that matters is that you look like you are thankful.

Now lets check out the amazing church outfit inspirations that we scoured just for you…


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These church outfit inspirations are BOMB!!! Tell us your favorite look in the comment section below;

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