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The excitement this weekend though so you know it’s already lit! Thank you super eagles for this joyous weekend, there is nothing as exciting as our country winning a football match, patriotism is something we all share and it makes us bound and a football match is one of the ways we can express our lie and faith for the country so also going to church is one of the ways we can express our love and faith in God as a christian.

Being a christian issa goal… We should be happy all the time knowing that there is someone always looking out for us and molding us in ways that can only benefit us. As faithfuls of Christ it is so important to bathe ourselves in the word as well as hang around people that would motivate and strengthen our faith, this is why we go to church. To fellowship with those of our faith requires that we  wear our Sunday best. Dressing to church in your best clothes is an expression of faith, you are expressing happiness and that alone is something key in Christian dorm. Therefore since its yet another Sunday, it is yet another reason for you to look great in your Sunday best.

Let’s take you on a journey of church outfit ideas that would serve you well this weekend…

Church Outfit Ideas | Guide Book ✔️


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