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The Morals and standards of every church is different and so it is expected that you dress the way that’s reflects their precepts when attending said church.

Looking back we could say the standards of dressing to church in the past is evidently different from now, there is still some level of expectancy the church looks forwards to seeing. The simple fact that dressing to church has taken a more lenient form doesn’t means you shouldn’t reflect the “Moral” standards of the church.

Asides from attempting to abide by these standards, worship centres also expect that you wear your best clothing.

How should you then look to church? Let’s follow some of these standards and see where it leads us shall we…

A church is a social gathering of like mind people however it is most certainly not a “hang out” and so your dressing should be in a more conservative style. This “Conservativeness” is expected of you at work as well as at the church but you must understand, conservation and frumpy is two different things.

Conservation can be fashionable for example; even though you are avoiding everything from backless tops, midriff blouse and skin tight pants, these aren’t the only pieces in fashion that are trendy.

Outfits like flared mid-calve skirt, loose pants and chiffon shirts are also fashion pieces that are relaxed and reserved. The trick to every church outfit is to avoid showing too much skin.

Depending on the church you plan to attend this Sunday, here are some church outfit ideas that are modest enough:


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Church outfit ideas inspirations, be inspired!!

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