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This Sunday has to be different from the rest there should be an improvement considering the fact that you’ve made a vow to look your best this year. What you wear to church is not in anyway synonymous with how you feel at the moment, being that the essence of going to church is to remind ourselves in worship and in praise that we serve a living God and therefore looking good or wearing your Sunday best is to put the enemy and the devil to shame. Because of these believe and others that I would not be mentioning in this post, it is safe to say that you should always put in extra effort into what you wear to church.

Another way to improve is to wear pieces that make you comfortable rather than exposed and vulnerable. The church is a place where people ought and should dress modestly and Majority of the churches are also cold environments due to the air condition therefore you need to consider the environment and cover up.

You should also improve in terms of accessories. Some accessories particularly jewelries can be very distracting and therefore you should always take note. Even if that piece is your favorite in the whole wide world, if it would be a distraction then you should leave it for owambe’s.

There’s definitely different ways you can improve on your church outfit but rather than share tips alone, I’ve chosen to bring you some inspirational church outfit ideas, scroll down and have a look or two maybe you would get the motivation you need;



Hello World





Peach church outfit


Stylish church outfit

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